Lublin is a city of young and active people with its 75,000-strong student community, including over 6500 foreign students and 9 universities. Mobility in the City of Lublin is an extremely complex phenomenon requiring an approach based on integrated solutions that combine competence in the field of technology, strategic design, but also the social aspect. The input of the city of Lublin for the Citython edition in Lublin will be to define the challenge, to support TUM with finding jury members and speakers, to organize the external services, and to develop a follow-up plan for working with the winners of Citython Lublin 2021.
During the Citython edition the City of Lublin will collaborate with the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC). Every year, more than 6,000 bachelor’s and master’s students and more than 500 doctoral students graduate. UPC fits naturally in the Knowledge Triangle to deliver Higher Education, Research & Technology. Contact with industry has been integrated into their activities and entrepreneurship is supported by different programs that have in mind students, young graduates and faculty members.


Green Connection

Green Ring Road in the City

From Door to Door

Green Connection is a concept of combining Lublin’s green areas into a coherent recreational and natural system. Lublin has significant potential thanks to the unique terrain – river valleys, dry valleys and ravines permeating the urban buildings, parks, squares and the greenery of the estate. We have an opportunity to provide a more fulfilling urban experience and to design for health, equity, and accessibility. The answer to this demand may be the connection of green areas in Lublin into the Green Connection.
„Green Ring Road” is a road or a series of connected roads connecting a city, districts/neighbourhoods. The purpose of a Green Ring Road is to assist in reducing traffic by offering an alternate route and the way of travel around the city, an alternative route for pedestrians, cyclists and alternative means of movement.
Green Ring Road (network) will be used for walks and sports and commuting between the districts, should be connected to existing infrastructure and the approach to the city as an ecosystem.
Transport interchange points (multimodal transport hub) has a direct impact on the development of a sustainable transport network and meeting the needs of residents with a more comfortable way of travel and reducing the time “from door to door”.


Event Agenda

Thursday, 14th October
10:00-10:20. Welcome speech
• Speech by Traian Urban, EIT Urban Mobility
• Speech by Elisa Sayrol, UPC
10:20-10:50. Announcement of Challenges
Speech by Mariusz Sagan, City of Lublin
Challenge 1: “Green Connection”
Challenge 2: “Green Ring Road in the City”
Challenge 3: “From door to door”
10:50-11:00. Virtual coffee break
11:00-11:30. Inspirational Techpill Talk I
• Speech by Marcin Skrzypek, City of Lublin
11:30-12:00. Inspirational Techpill Talk II
• Speech by Dr Eva Vidal, UPC

Monday, 18th October –> Extended until 20th Oct – 18 CET
18:00. Registration deadline!
Wednesday, 20th October
09:00. Announcement of Teams. Start Hacking! ​
Friday, 22nd October ​
10:00-13:00. Individual mentoring session I ​
Tuesday, 26th October ​
10:00-13:00. Individual mentoring session II ​
Wednesday, 27th October ​ ​
12:00. Deadline submission of final solutions
(mid-term review form & video).

​ If these two files are not sent, your group will be automatically disqualified. You will not be able to pitch in front of the jury members on Thursday, 28 October and therefore you will not be eligible for any of the announced prizes.

​ 16:00. Publication of the final candidates.

Thursday, 28th October ​ ​
10:00 – 12:00. Final candidates presentations to the jury members

​ 15:00 – 15:30. Announcement of winners and closure.

Webinar - 14 October 2021


Traian Urban
Director Innovation Hub East, EIT Urban Mobility
Elisa Sayrol
Associate Professor, UPC
Academic Director for EIT Urban Mobility
Mariusz Sagan, Ph. D.
Director of the Strategy and Entrepreneurship Department at the Lublin Municipality
Marcin Skrzypek
Urban activis, member of the cultural space council, City of Lublin
Dr Eva Vidal
Delegate of the Rector attached to the vice-rector for Social Responsibility and Equality, UPC


Marcin Skrzypek
Urban activis, member of the cultural space council, City of Lublin
Joan Moreno Sanz
Tenure-eligible lecturer of the Serra Húnter Programme at the Department of Urbanism and Regional Planning, DUOT-UPC
Dr Jan Kamiński
Department of Landscape Planning and Design, KUL
Honorata Grzesikowska
Urban designer and architect, Director Guallart Architects

Jury Members

Szymon Horosiewicz
Strategy and smart city , City of Lublin
Ewelina Frelas-Tyczyńska
Social Innovation Specialist. Strategy and Smart City Office, City of Lublin
Elisa Sayrol
Associate Professor, UPC
Academic Director for EIT Urban Mobility
Alexandre Sánchez
Project Management Officer, CARNET
Albert Baldó i Canut
Senior Project Manager, CARNET

Master of Ceremony

Jezabel Martínez Fábregas
External and Digital Communications Manager, EIT Urban Mobility

Partners of Citython 2021 - Lublin

This project is funded by EIT Urban Mobility, an initiative of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT), a body of the European Union. EIT Urban Mobility acts to accelerate positive change on mobility to make urban spaces more liveable. Learn more: